How To Be Happy When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

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In finance and in life, expectations often eclipse reality.

They become anchors for how we evaluate opportunities (like companies and stocks) and our own sense of happiness.

They also make us fixate on what could or should have been, not what's right in front of us.

When reality doesn't line up with our expectations, unhappiness, resentment, and anxiety usually follow.

These negative feelings can intensify when we sense uncertainty. We get anxious about our hopes, goals, and dreams for the future when we feel like everything's unpredictable.

Yet, it's not impossible to be happy when life throws us a curveball and the future seems uncertain.

How can we find joy when things feel chaotic?


When we're grateful, we can let go of our expectations. That can lead to greater happiness and life satisfaction, no matter how uncertain the present is—or the future may be.

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